Way to Umrah. Read About UmrahZone!

Way to Umrah. Make online Umrah packages and book online

We connect Pilgrims with Umrah agents. Our aim to build the best relationship between the agent and the client!
Only authorized umrah agents can book best and cheap Umrah packages online. That's why this is an online way to Umrah!

UmrahZone is the first digital / e-commerce platform all over the world, where you can book online umrah package of authorized umrah agent in your city. We have two main categories named "Standard" and "Custom". In the standard category, we have made five standard packages named i.e Executive package, Budget Gold package, Budget package, Economy Gold package and Economy package on the basis of cost and the hotel distance from Haram. In the custom package, the pilgrim can make umrah package as they want. Like they have to choose the hotel of Makkah & Madinah and choose the flight and our system will refer this book to Umrah agent.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide the best relationship between the agents and the clients. It is the agent's responsibility to facilitate the client as per commitment. The agent must provide the best of the services to the client to maintain their reputation and it is better for their business growth in the market. The agent should focus on commitment to clients and also explain how to perform Umrah step by step. We would highly appreciate the client's feedback after performing Umrah for better services. The agent's reputation depends on the client's feedback.

Our Model

We at Umrah Zone managing the relationship between Umrah agents and the clients. Only authorized agents can register on Umrahzone. At the time of registration, the agent will submit the licensed document. The successor agents will start their business within 24hours.
The agent will have to fill the following information:

  • Complete the business profile
  • Add/choose your hotels in Makkah & Madinah
  • Add Umrah visa charges
  • Add room rent of each hotel
  • Add Flight Fare

Way to umrah. After providing the information, our system will auto-generate the Umrah packages on behalf of umrah agents and publish it immediately.
The agents must update any changing in the rates of hotel, flight or visa services time to time to provide unstoppable services and it will immediately affect their Umrah packages. Irresponsibility or casual attitude with clients may block the agent's account without any intimation.

The clients (pilgrims) will according to their budget can book the available package (Umrah cost is mentioned) or can also customize their own package. In the packages, Umrah expenses are mentioned. Umrah Zone will help you to get the nearest / authorized matched agent.
Now, anyone can book the Umrah online where ever he or she is. After the selection of your suitable package, the user will meet the selected agent as soon as possible and will provide the required documents for the Umrah process.
So, apply for Umrah at your home.

Way to umrah. We always welcome valuable agents and clients to join us. We are always available here to help & guide you. Your suggestions are also welcome. Feel free to contact us .

Thank you!